We manufacture candles that abide by international standards.

About Candlecorp

Founded in 1997 we’ve grown from strength to strength, we are now distributing to some of your favourite South African shops internationally.

We manufacture candles that abide by international standards; our focus is on the African enthusiast. We create hand made candles that allow you to take home a little bit of Africa.

African Pot (Potjie) Candle Range

A traditional three-legged black African Pot (potjie).

Available in three different sizes. Small, Medium and Large.

A little History: Many believe that the “potjie” came from the South African, Dutch ancestors who used to cook over open fires. These cast-iron posts retained heat well and could cook meat to a tender state through circulating steam within the pot.

African Candle Collection

Consisting of the big five, giraffe, eagle and rondawel.

Our African Candle Collection consists of Elephant Candles, Buffalo Candles, Rhino Candles, Big Five (XL) Candles, Rondawel (Hut) Candles, Eagle Candles, Giraffe Candles, Leopard Candles and Lion Candles.

Corporate Print Range

Digital print embedded in a white candle.

Perfect corporate gift with your logo captured in a white candle finished off with cellophane and raffia, when the candle is lit the image glows.